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Parade Participant Information 

2019 Parade Participant Entry Form

Updated 9/16/19

Parade Participants are to completely fill-out the form to the left and email it to [email protected]  We will also need a no more than a 300-word description of your parade entry to be read by our MCs during the parade.  Also please see additional forms listed below to assist with further details.  Be sure to check back the week of the parade as we will be posting Stake and Parade Lineup Numbers that you will need for when you arrive on the day of the parade.

Max of 2 or 3 Sentence Parade Entry Description

Updated 9/17/19

Provide a summary of your Parade Entry for Attendees to learn about your organization, non-profit, business or etc.  This needs to be no more than 3 sentences and is to be emailed along with your parade entry form to the [email protected]

Float Lighting Tips and Recommendations

Updated 9/21/19

The document to the left provides some guidance on the best ways to light-up your float, vehicle or parade entry to ensure the best visibility of your group.